Two Poems
by Sangye Dondrup

January 30, 2015





The object of refuge is awareness itself;
How amazing and inconceivable it is.
How deluded it is to not notice it
For its luster is never obscured.

The view of wisdom is awareness itself;
How empty and open, how pure it is.
Let go of grasping at bodies and lives
And even let go of awareness.

The method of practice is awareness itself;
How unoriginated, how effortless it is.
There is nothing to do, just let it be
And practice being ok with everything.

The sign of practice is awareness itself;
Never lost, yet seemingly regained it is.
When revealed, it’s boundlessly brilliant
And naturally manifests Buddhahood.

The nature of enlightenment is awareness itself;
Overflowing with blessings, how magnificent it is.
At death, you will not dissolve into darkness,
You will dissolve into light.



When practice becomes non-practice,
Then non-practice becomes practice.

When meditation becomes non-meditation,
Then non-meditation becomes meditation.

When liberation becomes non-liberation,
Then non-liberation becomes liberation.