Prayer to the Primordial Protector

January 1, 2014



Homage to the Secret Lama
The untarnished nature,
Forever self-perfected,
The Primordial Protector.

Please manifest instantly
As a vast array of protectors,
Worldly and spiritual,
And grant me your blessings.

I am hardly worthy of special protection,
But I ask you to remember your vow:
Please answer the call for protection
From this Son of Padma.

I offer you a great feast offering,
My own flesh and blood,
Secret offerings, as well as
All worldly treasures.

I ask you to protect not only me,
But also my teachers, my Sangha,
My loved ones, friends, family,
And also all those I wish to benefit

Please grant me the siddhis
So that I can summon great protection
By sincerely praying to you,
The host of Dharma Protectors.

Although I aspire to Great Perfection,
Due to breaking my Samayas,
Particularly the Samaya of emptiness,
I just accumulate vast heaps of karma.

Although I claim to practice purification,
Secretly I am still an inner hypocrite,
Savoring dualistic senses and grasping at self,
Accumulating downfall after downfall.

Although I wish to liberate all beings,
In fact, I am still not really a Bodhisattva.
I rarely sacrifice my happiness for others,
And can’t tolerate even minor discomforts.

Although I try to wrathfully dispel obstacles,
My feeble attempts are just child’s play.
Imitating great lamas and cultivating pride,
I’ve only created even more obstacles!

The many problems I struggle with,
Sickness, money troubles, difficult people,
Family problems, and world problems:
These are all my own karma coming back.

It’s too late to change my past actions,
But still, I wish to be rescued from Samsara.
Although there is no external deity,
Still I pray to the host of manifest Protectors!

Although I am versed in philosophy,
I don’t live as if the View is the truth.
Proud of my great heap of secret texts,
I am no better than a worldly scholar.

Although I meditate on Rigpa diligently,
That just proves my view is not stable.
In fact, I usually stray into extreme views,
But due to ignorance I don’t even know it.

Although I aspire to cultivate virtue,
I am anything but virtuous most of the time.
I knowingly engage in non-virtue,
Hoping that karma won’t catch up with me.

Now, like a baby, I’ve come crying to you,
Asking for you to save me from my mistakes.
Even though I know that karma is infallible,
Still I beg for you to protect and rescue me.

I fully confess my countless faults,
Like grains of sand on a vast beach,
Too many to count, or even to imagine.
I confess them all to you with sincere regret!

I pledge my body, speech and mind,
In this and all future lives,
To the service of my guru, the Sangha,
And the precious Dharma!

May I never be separated from my lama,
May I never be apart from the Dzogchen teachings,
May I never be disconnected from the Sanhga.
In every life may I receive countless Dharma teachings.

Although I am certainly not a perfect vessel,
And although I don’t compare to great practitioners,
Like a dog chasing a pig around a stupa,
May I still benefit from my feeble aspirations.

Despite all my attempts to be humble,
And even all these flowery poetic words,
In truth I am just another deluded egotist,
With only a shred of actual realization.

Please take pity on this foolish child,
Although my motivation is pure,
My actions are far from perfect.
Please intervene on my behalf!

Thank you for your past protection,
Please accept my offerings and devotion,
Please forgive my imperfections,
Please continue to manifest for me.

Please purify me from all defects,
Please repel all obstacle creators,
Please bring about stable realization,
Please bless me with your protection!