Haibun by Mimi Maduro: A poem after Offering by Carol Hoy
by Mimi Maduro

January 30, 2015





after the painting Offering” by Carol Hoy*



When I drew my bucket up, up, up from the well

pebbles, clay, and soot sloshed in the water

and began to settle.  Peering into the bucket I saw

a shiny stone on the bottom, long and oval, lying flat

against the metal.  Markings appeared lifting a shape

from the stone’s surface:  a long, hunched nose, red lips,

and beseeching wild eyes that gazed back into mine.

This seeing revealed both the true and the familiar.

As we held our gaze the water stilled and I too,

stilled; a ripening.  Then we traded places.



setting off to sea

in a red boat

offering me to myself




–Mimi M. Maduro

January 1, 2015



* Bedazzled by Carol Hoy’s painting, “Offering,” in the premier issue, I wrote this ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is one that is inspired by a piece of art.  A haibun is a form combining prose and poetry that originated with the Japanese poet, Basho (1644-1694).