About Offering Magazine

Cover-Issue-2The seed for this magazine came when 3 humorous lines of a poem burst into my mind out of nowhere.  I was in the middle of a personal retreat and all at once I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful and fun to have an on-line arts magazine to which everyone in the Dzogchen Nyingthig Sangha could contribute their creative workHow exciting it would be to share our inspired adventures with each other, seeing all the ways we express our devotion in our work!  This could strengthen our close bonds with each other and our love of practice. By the time I had gotten to the end of this paragraph in my head I knew I would have to try to make it a reality.

In 2012 when Rinpoche heard of this idea he said, “Thank you,” and in his expansive manner asked that we also include scholarly and scientific work.  What you see is the result of his blessings and the abundant talent of fellow Sangha members who have heard about the magazine and generously wanted to offer something for this  issue.   We hope you enjoy what you find.

Finally, in considering what people have given to the magazine, I have witnessed their love affair with the Dharma.  I sense now how it keeps moving us to shed our skins, lose ourselves and open our limitless hearts a little wider.  May having our precious Sangha friends reflecting back our aspirations and our sorrows, like so many mirrors, free us to be more what we really are, and find anew our priceless Bodhicitta heart.  Through this, may all benefit arise.

Supporting the magazine

If you enjoy this magazine and would like to help pay for the production of it, we would be very grateful for your offering!  You can make your check payable to Nina Shilling and mail it to Nina Shilling, 1812 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA  94703  or make a donation via PayPal by using the “Donate” button below. Your contribution could also help support future issues.  A donation between $25 and $50 would be useful, but, of course, no offering would be too large or too small.

Submitting work

If you feel inspired to contribute some of your own work to Offering we would welcome receiving it with our next issue in mind.  Please send your submission to ninashilling@msn.com.  Our next issue is planned for January 2016, but the earlier we receive your work, the easier it would be to include it.  We would appreciate seeing all submissions by the end of July.

About the cover

This is a painting from the recent artwork of Carol Hoy entitled, Concern for a Blue Planet. See more of her work at carolhoy.com.


We want to thank David Gordon of ashlandwebsites.com for building the site, and for the “Dharma discount” he gave us which finally made possible our on-line home at offeringmagazine.org.   The look and feel of the magazine came from work donated anonymously by a kind acquaintance.

Letters to the Editor

If you have comments about our magazine that you would like to share with us and/or other readers, please let us know.  We will consider them for publication in our next issue. 

We hope that you enjoy what you see and read!

-Nina Shilling, Editor